The Pragmatic Play Sweet Bonanza Review

If you like candy or fresh goods, in Sweet Bonanza all are plenty – a six-wheel, win all sorts of Pragmatic Play-led slot. The key gameplay is based on the Tumble feature that helps you to win chain-reaction combos, where you delete winning symbols and replace them with new symbols. While it has been around for some time now, it has been more popular as a gaming engine which encourages players to communicate with the slot in a manner comparable to cross-platform video games. 4d result lotto In reality it became more popular in recent years.

In Sweet Bonanza, you can also get a range of amazing features, apart from the comparatively wide 6×5 playground. A free spins bonus is the highlight, where random players will crash to raise their wins up to 100 times. The highlight is You must first determine, however, whether to play 20x or 25x at bet points. 

Welcome bonus

You have the option of receiving the free spins bonus for the costs of 100 times your stake at bet stage 20x (fromPlaying Cards, Poker, Bridge, Game, Ace 0.20 to 100€ a spin. The bonus purchase option is disabled at bet level 25x (€0.25 -€125/duration) and more dispersions are applied to the reels, multiplying your odds of activating the bonus.

You have been welcomed to this strange world of Willy Wonka, all made from ice cream, cookies and treats. On the rolls, you can see a variety of gem-shaped candy and fruit symbols with strawberries, feathers, melons, oranges, and bananas. Green, blue and violet sweets are more valuable. The top sign is the red cardiovascular – 40 times your stake, whether you are 12 to 30 of them all over the rolls at once.


Dice, Gambling, Black, Chance, RiskNice Bonanza is a low to high slot with nearly all of the Free Spins incentives. To unlock it, you have to simultaneously land 4, 5 or 6 scatter signals, giving 2, 4 or 80 times your stake and 10 free spins. If 3 or more dispersed spins are added during the feature, 5 additional free spins will be added.

The mechanics remain the same as in the base game, but with the extra advantage of random multipliers. Keep an eye out for the bombs with sugar! These bring multiplier rates range from 2 times to 100 times and therefore raise the payouts.


Sweet Bonanza shouldn’t be accused of raising the amount of glucose, but the blood pressure could touch a range of spikes, as the fantastic opportunity here can exceed 21,100 times the price of your bonus. The gameplay also makes us feel a little confusing, because the indicators don’t actually have to connect from reel to reel in order to create the winning combos, but you’ll get used to them eventually. Graphics are quite sloppy and embarrassing.

The base game is boring and, apart from inducing the bonus, there is nothing to wish for. But actually, when you do, it makes you smile like a child in a sweetheart. The feature is planned to allow a lot of thrill. When you see a huge multiplier sugar bomb entering the carrels, you must first wait until the Tumble feature is working and expect that it will develop as high as possible, as soon as it is done.

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